After many successful years at the Emigration expo in Houten, we can now conclude that this year's fair was also a success

We say thank you to everyone, visiting our stand, and we hope to see your here in Sweden soon.
If you have found an interesting object, and you plan a trip to Hagfors to view the property, pls contact us some time in advance so that we are able to arrange for the viewing.

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Rate used:  EUR 1 =  SEK10.40   July 2020)



Backa 35 B, Likenäs
Renovation object, located near the river Klarälven
8 rooms
2498 sqm of land. Outbuilding

Asking price SEK 175 000 (≈ € 16 800)
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Ransberg, Ransäter
Croft with a secluded location,
2 rooms, electricity, woodstove and tileoven
6 675 sqm of land


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Upplunden 9, Hagfors

Asking price SEK

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 Edet - Ämten

Asking price SEK 1 250 000
(≈ € 120 200)
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Segenäs 3, Stöllet
Charming croft located near the Klarälven river. 3 rooms. Old style country kitchen with, wood stove and cooker hood. "Tile oven" with sheet metal clad. 3 large outbuildings. The property also includes a small mountain pasture with a cute little summer cottage.

Asking price SEK 245 000
(≈ €  23 600)

Storsand 2, Lakene

Asking price SEK 795 000 (≈ € 76 400)

 Västra  Näsberget Malung / Torsby
In a very small rural village, in the middle of the wilderness, in a quiet and peaceful location, you will find this holiday home / villa. 4 rooms and kitchen.
Shower room. Balcony. Entire basement floor. Outbuildings with hobby rooms and guest rooms. Garage and woodshed. There is a need for renovation.

Asking price SEK  195 000
 (≈ 18 700)
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Lidsängarn , Sunnemo

Asking price SEK 695 000 (≈ 66 800)
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