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Rate used:  EUR 1 =  SEK10.90   (Sep 2022)


Östra Gällsjön Hagfors
Beautifully located holiday home by Östra Gällsjön and in very good condition. Nice floor plan. Kitchen. Large living room combined with dining area.
Wood burning stove. A bedroom. Bathroom with bath, shower and toilet. Separate WC-room. Laundry department. Porch under roof.
Outbuilding with, among other things, guest-rooms. "Friggebod". Storehouse. Carport.

Asking price SEK 1 450 000
(≈ € 133 000)
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Tyfors, Fredriksberg

Asking price SEK 850 000
(≈ € 81 700)
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Rölandadalen 140, Ed (Dalsland

Built in the 1850's, this cute cottage contains on the ground floor a spacious kitchen,a bedroom and a sitting room with a tiled stove. The upper floor consists of a large room,
which can be divided into more rooms if necessary. The kitchen has a wood stove thatspreads lovely heat and is also equipped with an electric stove and refrigerator, good
with kitchen cupboards. The house stands on a wonderful, leafy plot of about 1000 sqm. In the surroundings there are good mushroom and berry fields, fine fishing
as well as several bathing spots.

For more pictures and info please send an email to: annhelen.pettersson@maklarhuset.se

Asking price SEK 500 000 (≈ € 45 900)
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Duvenäs 2, Sunnemo

 Asking price SEK 375 000
(≈ € 36 100)

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Långrösta 48, Hagfors

Asking price  695 000
(≈ € 63 800)
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 Vingäng 2, Sysslebäck

Asking price SEK 550 000   (≈  50 500 )
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 Västra  Näsberget Malung / Torsby
In a very small rural village, in the middle of the wilderness, in a quiet and peaceful location, you will find this holiday home / villa. 4 rooms and kitchen.
Shower room. Balcony. Entire basement floor. Outbuildings with hobby rooms and guest rooms. Garage and woodshed. There is a need for renovation.

Asking price SEK  195 000
 (≈ 17 900)
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