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Rate used:  EUR 1 =  SEK10.40   Jan 2021)

The snow starts to melt and soon the tulips will be in bloom, spring will soon be here!!
Now is the time for you, who plan to sell your holiday house "fritidshus", to contact your broker, to make prepartations for the selling          procedure. If you plan to sell you are welcome to contact us on +46 563 12000 or send an email and we will do our utmost to sell your property.
Remember that you usually get more paid if you let a broker sell your property or by doing it by yourself, and you will also get professional help, regarding all regulations.

Or, for that matter, you who wants to find your dream house, now is the time when you should search for new properties.
We constantly get new properties, so view our websites maklarhuset.se/hagfors,  zwedenvastgoed.nl, homeswedenhome.co.uk


Backa 35 B, Likenäs
Renovation object, located near the river Klarälven
8 rooms
2498 sqm of land. Outbuilding

Asking price SEK 175 000 (≈ € 16 800)
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 Edet - Ämten


Asking price SEK 1 250 000
(≈ € 120 200)
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Storsand 2, Lakene

Asking price SEK 795 000 (≈ € 76 400)

 Västra  Näsberget Malung / Torsby
In a very small rural village, in the middle of the wilderness, in a quiet and peaceful location, you will find this holiday home / villa. 4 rooms and kitchen.
Shower room. Balcony. Entire basement floor. Outbuildings with hobby rooms and guest rooms. Garage and woodshed. There is a need for renovation.

Asking price SEK  195 000
 (≈ 18 700)
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